Community Outreach

Through life’s suffering, compassion is born and it is through this compassion that we are able to reach out to others. CAST Ministries has an understanding of the struggles each of individuals who are widowed or divorced face. These struggles are often over-looked or misunderstood by others and many times can be overwhelming to the individual facing them. With CAST MINISTRIES and its peer-to-peer ministry, we are able to reach out to other individuals within our community who are facing the challenges of life, that we too have experienced. CAST MINISTRIES has been able to reach those who have lost hope and faith, and has been able to form a bridge for many back to the Church. These individuals have been able to regain their faith and experience God’s healing through His love, mercy and grace. CAST MINISTRIES has been able to assist individuals in finding resources that are available for their needs through other Christian organizations within the community.